In this episode of Pop Enlightenments, I spoke to podcast host Dr Emrys Jones about recent TV dramas (Banished, Outlander, Turn: Washington's Spies) in light of the #MeToo movement. Please note: the episode includes discussion of sensitive topics including sexual assault.

Click here to listen to me chat to History Hack podcast about eighteenth-century collecting and the Duchess of Portland's lost museum.

In this episode of the Research in Scottish History podcast, Dr Rosie Waine (National Museums Scotland) and I chat all things Outlander and material culture - we talk time travelling things, museum replicas and cooking your way through the Outlander universe.

In this episode of the History of Archaeology Network Podcast, I chat to Dr Amara Thornton about eighteenth-century women archaeologists, bog bodies and walking the length of Hardian's Wall


In this online exhibition, co-curated with Prof Karin Wulf for the Georgian Papers Programme and the Royal Archives, I explore how women at Queen Charlotte's court learned to use their historical educations to assert power and reflect on their own lives.

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