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Together with Dr Freya Gowrley, Dr Serena Dyer and Dr Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth, I host The Travelling Sisterhood of Art Historians podcast. Each week, we chat to an expert about visual and material culture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Join us on an art historical journey as we think about how images and objects shaped our world.

In this episode of the Research in Scottish History podcast, Dr Rosie Waine (National Museums Scotland) and I chat all things Outlander and material culture - we talk time travelling things, museum replicas and cooking your way through the Outlander universe.

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In this episode of Pop Enlightenments, I spoke to podcast host Dr Emrys Jones about recent TV dramas (Banished, Outlander, Turn: Washington's Spies) in light of the #MeToo movement. Please note: the episode includes discussion of sensitive topics including sexual assault.

Click here to listen to me chat to History Hack podcast about eighteenth-century collecting and the Duchess of Portland's lost museum.


In this episode of the History of Archaeology Network Podcast, I chat to Dr Amara Thornton about eighteenth-century women archaeologists, bog bodies and walking the length of Hardian's Wall

In this online exhibition, co-curated with Prof Karin Wulf for the Georgian Papers Programme and the Royal Archives, I explore how women at Queen Charlotte's court learned to use their historical educations to assert power and reflect on their own lives.