The Duchess’s Museum: Collecting, Craft and Conversation, c. 1750-1786 (In preparation)

A Cultural History of Historiography: The Age of Enlightenment and Revolution, 1650-1800. Co-edited with Stefan Berger (Bloomsbury Academic, under contract for 2023)

Pop Enlightenments: The Eighteenth Century Now. Co-edited with Emrys Jones (In preparation)

Special Issues

'Women and History, c. 1500 – Present.' Co-edited with Lilian Tabois. Special Issue of History, journal of the Historical Association (Forthcoming Autumn 2021).

Journal Articles

‘“Most Curious Memorials”: Inscribing Historic Graffiti at the Eighteenth-Century Tower of London.’ (Under review, Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies)

‘The Material World of Outlander: Objects Through Time.’ Co-authored with Rosie Waine (Forthcoming, The Eighteenth-Century: Theory and Interpretation)

‘Introduction.’ Co-authored with Lilian Tabois. In ‘Women and History, c. 1500 – The Present’ special Issue, History, journal of the Historical Association (Forthcoming, 2021)

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Chapters in Edited Collections

Theme Parks and Seaside Resorts: Rethinking Material and Visual Culture in Austenland (2013) and Sanditon (2019).’ In Hannah Moss and Joe Bray eds. Jane Austen and the Arts (Forthcoming, Edinburgh University Press, 2022)

‘Introduction to Letters between Elizabeth Montagu and the Duchess of Portland.’ Co-authored with Anni Sairio. In Elizabeth Montagu Correspondence Online (Forthcoming, 2021)

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